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The Main Menu in Tomb Raider Anniversary has the following layout:

At the top of the screen, underneath the Tomb Raider Anniversary Logo, you will find the name of the Profile you have currently picked. It can be changed underneath (Change Profile).

The menus will differ from version to version (PC, Xbox 360, PS2...). The menu listed below is for the PC version as this features the most settings.

Play Game

This is where you start the actual game. When choosing Play Game, you will get three options.

Resume Game

This option will throw you right back into the game where it was last saved.

Load Game

Here you can load the savegames you have created manually, or downloaded from the internet. They are displayed in a list. You will only see the savegames that have been put in the folder for the Profile currently chosen.

When you highlight a certain savegame in the list on the left its properties are displayed on the right:

  • Level
The level without its location prefix, e.g. Lost City.
  • Saved
The date and time the savegame was created.
  • Play Time
The time the game has been played when the save was created.
  • Complete
The completion percentage of the savegame, e.g. 100% if you've collected everything and beat every time run by the time the savegame was created.

Replay Level

Once you have finished a section of the game, you can replay the levels in this section. The complete level list is displayed here, when you have unlocked all levels.

When you highlight a level the properties for it are displayed underneath the list:

  • Completion Time:
The fasted completion time you have achieved for the level.
  • Completed Time Trial:
Yes or No if you have beaten the Time Trial for the level. Please note that simply running through the level is not enough, you have to enter time trial mode in order to achieve the time trial.
  • Relics:
The number of relics you have collected in this level. 0/0 mean there are no relics in the level. 1/2 means there are two relics in the level and you have collected one.
  • Artifacts:
The number of artifacts you have collected in this level.

Play Croft Manor

This option will throw you right into the Croft Manor level where you have last crossed a checkpoint before leaving it, or at the beginning, if you have not played it yet.


This option will allow you to manipulate your settings. This is much more extensive in the PC version of the game.


Here you can manipulate the sound settings.

Music Volume

This determines the volume of the background music. The standard setting for the music volume is 100%, if you want the lower it, simply set it to something below 100. If you want to raise it, in relation to the other settings, lower them and leave music volume at 100%.

SFX Volume

This determines the volume of the sound effects like Lara's pistols, explosions, footsteps and so on.

Voice Volume

This determines the volume of spoken words in dialogues.


This option allows you to manipulate your display settings. Some of them only apply in the PC version.

Hint Icons

This On/Off option determines whether the game gives you control hints or not. Leaving it on might spoil some things for you, for example make it unnecessary to search for paths across a ravine, as the grapple icon is displayed.

Commentary Markers

Main article: Commentary Markers

This On/Off option determines whether the blue commentary crystals appear in-game. Before you can turn on this option, you need to unlock it by finishing the game. When you then visit a commentary marker, you can turn on the commentary audio track which will keep running while you continue playing the game.

Fullscreen Effects

This On/Off option determines whether the fullscreen effects are turned on. When you encounter performance issues, this is one of the first you might want to deactivate.

This option is not available in all game versions.

Depth of field

Another On/Off option that belongs to the graphics settings. As with the Fullscreen Effect this is one option you might want to turn off, depending on your taste and the performance of your system. Some players even prefer to leave it off altogether as the image might seem clearer without. It's a matter of taste.

Fullscreen Anti-Aliasing

Fullscreen Anti-Aliasing is an option you might want to set as high as possible, or as high as the performance of your system allows. The higher it is, the better Lara's outlines look. If you encounter performance problems this is one of the options which is a big drain on resources but also makes a big difference for the eye. You might want to find something in-between, lowering the anti-aliasing, but not turning it off altogether unless absolutely necessary.


Shadows are another On/Off effect. As the environment elements like architecture, rocks and plants cast no shadow in TRA this option does not drain much resources when turned on.


Another On/Off effect that does not apply very often so it isn't a big drain on resources.

Water Effects

These On/Off effects only apply when water is around, so turning these off makes sense when you run into performance problems in huge water rooms. The water effects determine whether objects seen through water are distorted.


This is where you can determine in which direction the camera turns when you steer it left/right or up/down. All four options are No/Yes settings.

  • Invert X-Axis
  • Invert Y-Axis
  • Manual Aim Invert X-Axis
  • Manual Aim Invert Y-Axis


This is where you can set up your custom controls and a gamepad.

Restore Defaults

By choosing this option the controls will be set to their default setting.

Combat Mode

Manual Grab

This is a simple On/Off setting. If Manual Grab is turned on, you will have to press a button each time Lara should hold on to something.

Mouse sensitivity

This setting, which does not appear in all versions of the game, is only of importance when you play the game using your mouse.


Change Profile

Exit Game

Ends the game and sends you back to the desktop. (PC only)