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Important: This article follows the storyline of the reboot (since Tomb Raider (2013)) and will probably contradict story pieces from previous games.

The following Characters make their appearance in Tomb Raider (2013), the ninth instalment of the Tomb Raider Series.

The main protagonist of the game, a 21 year old college graduate, who has signed on for an expedition on the Endurance in search for the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan.
Captain of the Endurance, a 52 year old treasure hunter and an expedition leader with a no-nonsense attitude.
Lara's close friend who also joins the Endurance expedition.
An american archaeologist and an antropologist, who hosts his own TV show. He is on board of the Endurance expedition, hoping to get more material to his show.
The technician of the Endurance. A 24 year old American, who is also a very talented hacker and an electronics geek.
The helmsman and the first aid officer of the Endurance, Conrad Roth's Scottish friend.
Endurance's cook.
A 42 year old former police officer who has turned into a mechanic of the Endurance.
Some sort of a priest and a leader of the mysterious Solarii, calls himself "a teacher by trade".


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