Thrall Artifact

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Thrall Artifact


Found February 24th, 2009
underneath Croft Manor
Game(s) Beneath the Ashes (TRU DLC), Lara's Shadow (TRU DLC)

The Thrall Artifact is discovered during Beneath the Ashes. It is a rectangular-shaped stone, inscribed with blue glowing letters which apparently spell out the magic words "okh eshivar". After these two words are spoken, Lara has control over the Thralls.

It is also suggested that Lara can control the Lara's Doppelgänger with the magic words; this may be clarified in Lara's Shadow. It is worth noting that "okh eshivar" is "ravish ehko" written backwards, the "ehko" perhaps being the Doppelgänger, an echo of Lara.