The Trials of Gilead

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The Trials of Gilead are a set of texts found inside Croft Manor in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. These texts help Lara to solve the related puzzle.

The first volume of the Trials of Gilead can be found in the entrance hall of the manor. It is on a table in the carpeted area facing the entrance door. This volume hints at the bow: Decorative Bow, which is found inside the Pool House. To reach it, Lara will first need the Grapple.

...And even as their hooves shook the earth beneath him, Gilead gathered his remaining strength and drew back his BOW.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume I

The second volume is found in the Library. This volume hints at the arrow: Decorative Arrow, which can be found inside the fire place in the main hall. To be able to reach the arrow, Lara first has to extinguish the fire by using a Bucket of Water.

As he struggled mightily to calm himself, Gilead removed the poison ARROW from its quiver.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume II.

The third volume can be found in Lara's Bedroom, right of the secret compartment holding the Journal. This book is sitting on a pedestal. This volume hints at the gear: Sculpture Gear which can be found atop the stack of crates in the main hall.

And Gilead knew the GEARS of his heart would never turn again as he sacrificed his one true love to save the kingdom he had fought for so long to protect.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume III

After acquiring all the necessary items (gear, bow, arrow), Lara can use them at the statue inside the Maze to gain the Music Box Cylinder, which will then let her open the Music Room.