Decorative Bow

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Decorative Bow
Tra decorative bow.jpg


Found 1996
England, Surrey
Current Status Placed onto a statue in the Garden
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Level Found Croft Manor
Level Used Croft Manor

The Decorative Bow is a minor artefact and Puzzle item found in the Croft Manor level of Tomb Raider Anniversary.

The Decorative Bow can be found underneath a wooden floor after Lara drops a statue hanging from the ceiling down onto it. Lara then has to place it into a statue's hand that is located at the centre of the Maze in the Garden. The Decorative Arrow and the Sculpture Gear have to be placed here in a similar manner, which makes it possible to retrieve the Music Box Cylinder.

...And even as their hooves shook the earth beneath him, Gilead gathered his remaining strength and drew back his BOW.
--The Trials of Gilead, Volume I[1]


A bow made apparently of gold.

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  1. The in-game book on the table near the fireplace in the Croft Manor in Tomb Raider Anniversary