The Strength of Faith

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Research Notes Recorder

The Strength of Faith is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Research Notes set and contains Ana's personal journal, that describes her manipulating Lara's father, her relationship to her brother Konstantin, and her illness.

Ana has manipulated her brother for years, shaped him into the monster he has become. I almost feel sorry for him.

I won't die in this God forsaken valley. My faith is with me. My will is strong. Even if... my mind keeps wandering away.

In our youth... Konstantin and I in our youth...

He was a difficult child. Always wondering, always questioning. Afraid of what the future might hold.
Afraid that he might never find his purpose. The night I cut those marks into his hands, the night I whispered into his ear, I made him. I saved him. He believed it to be the work of God, just as I'd hoped.

Now I need him to save me.

And if, in the end, he can't. Then I'll save myself.