The Path to Avalon

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The Path to Avalon
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Mediterranean
Level No 1.1
Secrets 10 Treasures
Location Mediterranean
Level Chronology:
No Illusions The Path to Avalon Niflheim

The Path to Avalon is the second level of Tomb Raider Underworld and the first of the Mediterranean Section.


Having been told by Professor Eddington, a close friend of Lara's father, that Richard Croft believed that the entrance to Avalon was beneath the Mediterranean Sea, Lara travels there to investigate. After talking to Zip and Alister on her laptop, with Alister expressing his doubts about Lara's mother being alive, Lara dives to the bottom of the sea. Here she finds three submerged ruins, two small side ruins and one tower ruin. In all the ruins Lara will find wheel-handles to a portal-puzzle in the tower ruin. When she places them in the portal, she can rotate the three section to open the portal. Lara swims on through this tunnel, where a tentacle is hanging through a gap ahead. When Lara gets near this tentacle, it snaps back and retreats through the ruin. (This is later revealed to be the tentacle of a Kraken) Lara carries on through the ruin until it opens up into an open area. Lara climbs around the wall here until she reaches a set of carvings on the wall in front of her. Lara believes these carvings to be of early Germanic design, before deciphering them as Land of The Mist: Niflheim, the Norse underworld. "Not Avalon exactly, but the Norse equivalent" muses Lara, before continuing through the ruins.


  • Find two wheels.
  • Open the underwater portal in the main temple.
  • Dive into the passage inside the temple.
  • In the chamber climb towards the door..
  • Open the door using the Pressure Plates.



This level offers 10 of the 26 Mediterranean treasures. Six of them can be found before diving though the portal, two more are also under water and the last two are hidden in vases outside the water.

  • 1st Treasure
The very first Treasure is located on a stone shelf at plain sight. To find it, swim up through an opening when facing the Disc Door Puzzle. When you're near the top of the tunnel, turn around and look for the Treasure.
  • 2nd Treasure
The second Treasure is located in the same place as one of the two wheel-handles for the Disc Door Puzzle. Look for a stone structure with a rectangular entrance at plain sight. Swim through it, following the tunnel by turning right and avoiding the jellyfish. Now you should see large pieces of stone on the left and the tunnel continuing to the right. Turn left and swimg through the small opening among the rocks. Turn right to find the Treasure in the corner, just behind the rocks partially blocking you way.
  • 3rd Treasure
The third Treasure can be found, when the entrance of the stone tower with the Disc Door Puzzle is on you right. You should be facing a stone structure with the entrance covered with seaweed. Swim through it, then down and to the right along the underwater tunnel, then through a rectangular doorway. Now you should have entered a small room with an empty pedestal. Turn around, leaving the pedestal behind Lara. Swim through the rocky opening above. There are three jellyfish, and a Treasure on the right of them.
  • 4th Treasure
The fourth Treasure is located high along the walls of the stone tower with the Disc Door Puzzle. When being outside facing the entrance of the tower, swim up along it. The Treasure, covered with some foliage, is on a small legde that juts out of the tower's wall on the left side, high above the entrance.
  • 5th Treasure
The fifth Treasure lays at plain sight in a small underwater chamber. The chamber's entrance is located beneath long, rectangular pieces of stone. The stone pieces can be seen when the large stone tower with Disc Door Puzzle, is behind Lara.
  • 6th Treasure
The sixth Treasure is also inside a small underwater chamber. When facing the stone tower with the Disc Door Puzzle, swim past it to the right side of it until you come across another stone structure, which has sort of an arch formed by the fallen stone blocks. Swim beneath the arch and follow the tunnel, using the Utility Light if needed. The Treasure lays at plain sight in the chamber, alongside with some jellyfish.
  • 7th Treasure
In the underwater tunnels, swim until you come across a part where the tunnel is partially blocked by rocks and turns to the right. Swim over the rocks and turn around to face the direction where you came. On the right side at the bottom of the rocky tunnel, there lays a Treasure at plain sight.
  • 8th Treasure
The eight Treasure is inside of a secret vase located in the room where Lara arrives after swimming through the underwater tunnels. Climb up to the doorway and on you right side there's a group of vases.
  • 9th Treasure
The ninth Treasure lays at the bottom of the water in the room with the door and the Pressure Plates. It's on the right side of the stone ramp leading up from the water pool in the room.
  • 10th Treasure
The tenth and last Treasure is inside of a secret vase located on a ledge inside the ruins in the room with the door and Pressure Plates. The ledge is on the far right corner, when Lara's back is towards the entrance of the room. Just climb up along the wall by the stone ramp to the ledge.


  • Two wheel-handles for the disc door



First Aid


When playing the level for the first time only the wetsuit can be worn.
The Bathing Suit can be worn in this level in Treasure Hunt after it has been unlocked.

Xbox 360 gamers can also wear the downloaded outfits in this level.


The sharks met in this level are almost harmless when Lara moves swiftly around them and leaves them alone.
These enemies are stationary and will only be a danger to Lara if she swims right through them.

Traps & Obstacles

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles