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Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Mediterranean Sea Section
Level No 1.2
Secrets 9 Treasures
Location Niflheim, Mediterranean
Level Chronology:
The Path to Avalon Niflheim The Norse Connection

Niflheim is the third level of Tomb Raider Underworld and the second of the Mediterranean Sea Section.


After deciphering the ruins back in The Path to Avalon, Lara comes across a giant Kraken blocking the path ahead. "Lovely" says Lara while recording the Kraken. After exploring the ruins, Lara comes across two gears with tentacles intertwined in them. By activating the gears, Lara climbs up to a platform above the Kraken. She raises the platform and grapples to an alcove ahead. She pulls a lever and shoots a weak link in the chain holding the platform, causing it to fall on the Kraken, killing it. Lara climbs down and proceeds through the newly unblocked doors.


  • Explore the Kraken room.
  • Release the clamps of the sun-shaped platform.
  • Pull it up.
  • Shoot the weak links to bring it down on the Kraken.
  • Open the door.
  • Follow the passages behind the door.



The level has 9 Treasures hidden in the depths of the chambers, most of them can be found inside vases.

  • 1st Treasure
The very first Treasure can be found inside a vase, which is located in an alcove on the left wall in a passageway. Go up the stairs, climb up some stone blocks, looking for an alcove with vases on the left wall.
  • 2nd Treasure
The second Treasure is inside a lone vase at the base of the strais that come across after jumping and climbing over a couple of shallow pits. The vase is on the right wall when facing the stairs, easy to miss.
  • 3rd Treasure
At the top of the stairs, take a closer look on the alcoves to find some vases. One of them, the decorated secret vase contains the third Treasure.
  • 4th Treasure
The fourth Treasure is inside a secret vase in the Kraken room. When facing the creature after the cutscene, take the passageway to the right. Travel across the first pit along the ledges on the wall, but when you come across another pit, slide to the bottom of it. Follow the hallway, pass the first opening on the left. Inside the second opening, which overlooks the Kraken, you find some vases. Needless to say, the secret vase holds the Treasure.
  • 5th Treasure
After dealing with the Kraken, you can set out to look for the fifth Treasure. On the ledge where you shot the chains, dropping the spiky platform, go to the spot where the right chain was. Chimney jump up along the gap between the walls to reach some ledges, which you can use in climbing higher. You now have reached a higher ledge with an alcove, and in the back of it there's a secret vase with the Treasure.
  • 6th Treasure
Form the fifth Treasure, jump to the Kraken pool. The sixth Treasure lays at plain sight by the partially submerged stairs located on the right side of the pool when Lara's back is towards the exit from the Kraken room.
  • 7th Treasure
Go up the stairs where the sixth Treasure was, follow the ledge to come across another stairs. Climb up into the doorway, then follow passageway to the left. You arrive to a dark hall with vases, the secret vase contains the seventh Treasure.
  • 8th Treasure
Return to the Kraken pool to search for the eight Treasure. It lays at plain sight on the left of the dead Kraken, when Lara's back is towards the exit.
  • 9th Treasure
The ninth and the last Treasure of this level is inside a secret vase that's on a stone shelf. Swim to the partially submerged stairs on the left of the Kraken pool when Lara's back is towards the exit. Climb up the stairs, exiting the water. Follow the ledge to the next step of stairs, but don't go up along them. Look for the stone shelf in the dark corner to the right, where you'll find vases.



First Aid


Not really an in-game enemy but rather a puzzle, the Kraken makes Lara's task difficult. When climbing around on the platforms below the entrance and on the upper levels left and right Lara can have a run-in with the Kraken's tentacles.

Traps & Obstacles


  • Pits
  • Kraken tentacles

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

  • Sun-shaped platform puzzle