The Midgard Serpent

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The Midgard Serpent
Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Southern Mexico Section
Level No 4.3
Secrets 20
Location Mexico
Level Chronology:
Xibalba The Midgard Serpent Land of the Dead

The Midgard Serpent is the third level in the Southern Mexico Section of Tomb Raider Underworld and the fourteenth overall.


After opening the gate to Xibalba in the previous level, Lara arrived in a large chamber with the Lords of Xibalba after overcoming a series of pits with ramps in the passages. She will spend most time with opening the portal guarded by the Lords. In order to do that she first has to turn them to face outwards. This opens a series of doors leading into four side chambers, the Rattling House, the Razor House, the Flame House and the Jaguar House. In each of these houses Lara has to retrieve a key which has to be inserted into the Great Seal in the middle of the court with the Lords. After that she can move the Lords inwards and use the two pressure plates to open the portal.


  • Find a path through the passage with pits into the court of the Lords of Xibalba.
  • Hand them the missing sceptres.
  • Turn the Lords to face outwards to open the four doors.
  • Overcome the obstacles in each of the four houses to gain their key.
  • Use the keys at the large stone table.
  • Push the Lords of Xibalba inwards.
  • Move the motorbike onto one pressure plate and stand on the other.
  • Drive down through the opened portal.
  • Find the Xibalba Key in the passage below.
  • Make your way down the pool with Eitr, by draining the room level by level.



This level contains 20 secrets, most of them hidden near the Lords of Xibalba.

Artefacts and Keys

First Aid

The level contains at least 14 Health Packs.



Typical Scenery of the Level