The Entrance

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The Entrance
Lara Croft GO
Level No 1
Secrets 10
Level Chronology:
The Entrance The Maze of Snakes
Sub Levels:
* A Forgotten Path

The Entrance (previously named The Beginning) is the first level of Lara Croft GO, split into five different sub-sections. It is an introductory training level and as such explains the games mechanics. It emphasizes on Levers as puzzle elements as a means to rise or move parts of the path, so Lara can move to the end of the individual sections. Additionally it introduces collapsible floors and walls as a trap.


Lara arrives in the jungle and has to enter the underground temple through a hole in the ground. Here she finds an abandoned complex including some simple puzzles - levers, crumbling floors and walls - she has to master before continuing her search for The Atlas of Beyond.


The level consists of five sub-sections:


Finding all fragments unlocks the Bomber Jacket Outfit

Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


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