The Cave of Fire

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The Cave of Fire
Lara Croft GO
Level No 6
Secrets 24
Level Chronology:
The Escape The Cave of Fire The Mirror of Spirits
Sub Levels:
* A New Adventure
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The Cave of Fire is the sixth level of Lara Croft GO, split into eleven different sub-sections. It is a separate adventure from the first five levels and was published as an update to the game on 26 November 2015.


Lara no longer hunts for The Atlas of Beyond but now sets her eyes on The Shard of Life, another mystical artefact. New immortal enemies are in her way and the puzzles are a bit more complicated than before.


The level consists of eleven sub-sections:


Finding all fragments unlocks the Angel of Darkness Outfit

Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


All enemies in this level appear as immortal variants of the originals. If shot or otherwise killed they reassemble in four moves as long as there is nothing blocking the square they are on, like columns, rolling balls, or Lara herself.