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number of levels

There are actually 34 levels in this game not 29. If you don't believe me, just count them!

--Tombraidergirl 12:00, 5 February 2007 (CET)

Bugs (first level)

This level was clearly unfinished (as it was thought initially). Playing in debug mode, you can find objects, doors (one has even a lock which you can break using the crowbar), triggers (even for Lara to say something like "I can crawl through this hole in the fence"), and a policeman that will shout and try to arrest you. One amusing fact is the "I lost her" sentence said in french when you loose him.

This I relate to the hurry of releasing the game which itself is full of bugs (3D meshes, textures, objects reapearing, etc.) The most buggy TR ever, but otherwise a good game.

Trouble editing

I was unable to edit the article, and so here is the summary from Wikipedia that I wanted to add in.

Accused of the murder of her one-time mentor, Werner Von Croy, Lara becomes a fugitive. Following notes written in a journal by Von Croy, Lara races to recover five hidden paintings before a secret organization whose ultimate goal is world domination and immortality; they planned to achieve this by reviving an ancient biblical race known as the Nephilim.

Pieter Van Eckhardt is the main villain in Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness. He was a 15th century alchemist who created a powerful weapon called the Sanglyph. To keep the Sanglyph safe, Eckhardt split it into five pieces and hid each piece behind five paintings he created, depicting evil imagery.

As time went on, Eckhardt grew ever more evil and powerful, and eventually created an order known as The Cabal, a group of four individuals who all shared the same desire for immortality. To attain this immortality, the Cabal prepared to resurrect an extinct race known as the Nephilim (the product of relationships held between fallen angels and humans). Eckhardt believed that by using the Nephilim he would attain immortality and, in the end, dominate over all. However, an order called the Lux Veritatis (Latin for 'Light of Truth') were able to put a halt on Eckhardt's plans. The Lux Veritatis acquired three ancient weapons of light called the Periapt Shards and, led by Brother Obscura, used them to seal Eckhardt in a deep pit. The seal on Eckhardt would only last if the three Periapt shards were combined. Brother Obscura then confiscated the five paintings that contained the pieces of the Sanglyph, and painted over the previous images of evil with new religious images. These were hidden throughout Europe in locations known only to the Lux Veritatis, and were christened the Obscura Paintings. A copy was made of each, referred to as the Obscura Engravings, with each engraving containing an encoded map to the location of the original painting.

In 1945, something happened and one of the shards became separated from the other two. Eckhardt escaped the pit he vowed revenge against the Lux Veritatis and revived the Cabal basing it out of Prague. The new Cabal became devoted to hunting down any members of the Lux Veritatis. Eckhardt also managed to obtain the Periapt from the Lux Veritatis. He hid these shards in his old laboratory, deep underground beneath the Strahov, the headquarters of the Cabal. Eckhardt and the Cabal set out to reclaim the five Obscura paintings, in order to acquire the Sanglyph. By the time Lara became involved in the plot, the Cabal had already attained three of the five paintings. Eckhardt then hired Werner Von Croy to find the last two; Von Croy did learn of the location of the fourth painting beneath the Louvre from the Obscura engravings, but he never informed Eckhardt. Von Croy then asked for Lara Croft to assist in finding the paintings.

The Sanglyph whose five pieces are hidden behind the Obscura paintings and gives the bearer immense powersLara found the two remaining paintings in Paris and Prague, though Eckhardt reclaimed from her before retreating to his old laboratory, where he started reviving the Nephilim race. The Cabal had retrieved the last Nephilim specimen from Turkey: a Nephilim body which had been named "the Sleeper". During the final confrontation with Lara, Eckhardt starts the process of reviving the Sleeper. He battles Lara using the Sanglyph, but he is eventually killed by Karel, his right-hand man, who stabs Eckhardt with the third Periapt Shard. Karel revealed himself to be the last surviving/living Nephilim and that all the people who have helped Lara died at his hands to avoid the destruction of the Sleeper. He then offers Lara a chance to join him in his resurrection. Lara refuses, and decides to put an end to it by using the Sanglyph on the Sleeper--thus destroying it and Karel.

Russian AOD2 site Ostercy 19:23, 15 October 2008 (UTC)

Fan speculation about AoD before release, from

"A new character called Curtis Trent is also expected to be introduced opening enthusiastic possibilities of multiplayer and/or rotating between characters just like in Project Eden. It is said that he joins forces with Lara so that they both can retrieve the five paintings that Lara stole in the first place. This is where the game moves to its final location expected to be Prague, Eastern Europe, where Lara ends her adventure in the Strahov Complex for a final showdown with Eckhardt. However the characters exact role and what he will actually do is still shrouded in mystery and we believe he may just provide skills that Lara simply does not possess. Some are suggesting that Curtis is an AI character and that no multiplayer option will be available whilst others conflict with different stories. Also rumours have surfaced that a spin-off game featuring Curtis is also in the pipeline and it is this game that will eventually take over from Tomb Raider.

It turns out that Core Design would like to rid itself of the pressure of releasing a new game every year and plans to make updates for the game available over the Internet in downloadable components. The idea is that new characters, plots, etc., can be plugged into the game so players can play all new adventures and adding to the longevity of the game. But remember folks! Core also said it would release updates for the Tomb Raider: Level Editor via the web but we haven't had anything for almost twelve months now. While were on the subject of Level Editing the editing community may also get a much needed boast with some saying that the games new Level Editor being bundled with the PC version. Sounds plausible if they really want Curtis to take over from the series.

The game play is also being completely overhauled with elements from role-playing games being introduced. This will take the form of what is termed 'attribute development' which awards better players with more game content and improvements to Lara's skills. So for example if you like to sprint all of the time, Lara will become more able of sprinting and will be able to sprint faster and for longer. Or alternatively if you want Lara to become better at climbing she can with a little practice. This allows the games developers to add areas into the game that are only accessible to players if they have reached a certain proficiency level. Suggestions say that it's these areas that will replace the 'hunt high and low for secrets' strategy."

Ostercy 10 February 2009

Link to Core Design: Behind the Scenes

Maybe we ought to have a link to this article by Sarah Crisman at listed;

Ostercy 25 March 2009