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Do they really describe the Doppleganger as "hot"? LOL. Ostercy 28/02/09

Do we know that Jormungandr is Atlantean technology or could it be from some other ancient civilisation? Ostercy 10/03/09

But Natla created the doppelganger before she go to Helheim... and its birthplace is in Yggdrasil... so how could she create it??? It's impossible... Yggdrasil and Helheim are in the same place... Rubião 12/03/2009

I FOUND OUT! Doppelganger's birthplace isn't in Yggdrasil!!! It's in outside of the entrance of Helheim, where it snows. Just see the cutscene, when the doppel and Natla arrive in the place. Before the door closes, you can see snow from outside. Rubião 12/03/2009

Oops. Sorry for posting on the actual page by mistake. Ironically I notice I'd already asked for a citation about whether "Jormungandr was Atlantean technology or not", but nobody replied. I guess we will have to take that "in game information" added to this page as canon, although I'm not sure it makes internal sense in the Laraverse. Thanks. Ostercy 16/03/09