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Operational Report Recorder

Reunited is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Operational Report set and contains the musings of Konstantin about his Trinity assignment.

Konstantin wonders if Ana has become too sentimental. That's not exactly how I would characterize her behavior.

Ana has let the mask fall. She and I are finally, fully reunited. It has been difficult without her these past years. When I'm weak, it's always been her voice that gave me strength. When she loses hope, I ignite that hope fro her.

... that being said, I must confess that I am worried about her. Her health falters, yes, but my concern is with her resolve.

I fear that some piece of her was lost in her time with the Crofts, She must have faked her emotions for Lord Croft so powerfully they became real. And now I fear that has spilled over to Lara.