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Pry is an action that Lara can perform using a Crowbar or the Climbing Axe (Pry Axe). The first time she was able to do this was in Tomb Raider III, after finding a crowbar in the Antarctica section. This feature returned in The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider Chronicles and even The Angel of Darkness. Since the reboot Tomb Raider (2013) prying is back and can be performed with the axe Lara carries. The crowbar or axe can be used to open a Pry Door or Bricked-up Wall and to pry artefacts or other helpful items from walls.


When standing before a door (or item stuck to a wall) you want to pry, use the Action button.

Tomb Raider Classic

For Tomb Raiders III, Last Revelation, and Chronicles, use:

  • PC: Ctrl
  • PlayStation: X

Tomb Raider Reboot

For Tomb Raiders (2013), Rise, and Shadow, use:

  • PC: E (repeatedly)
  • PlayStation: Square (repeatedly)
  • Xbox: X (repeatedly)