Nightmares (RotTR Document)

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Sessions Recorder

Nightmares is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Sessions set and contains the recordings of one of Lara's therapy sessions.

Ana had been monitoring me - spying on me - everywhere I went...

Therapist: Tell me more about the dreams...

Lara: Nightmares. And I don't remember them, just the... feelings that remain.

Therapist: In dreams, the feelings are often more important than the specifics. Tell me about those feelings.

Lara: I'm on the island, and my friends are dying. There's nothing I can do, and it's all my fault.

Therapist: Lara, from what you've told me, your friends survived the island because of you.

Lara: Only a few of them.

Therapist: None of them would have survived if you hadn't been there. It's not your fault.

Lara: None of them would have been there, if it wasn't for me. Of course it's all my fault.

Ana: Hmm, guilt is a common driver in the Croft family. We used it to great effect with her father. Let's see where it takes Lara...