Nell McAndrew

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Nell McAndrew

Nelle McAndrew was the second official Lara Croft Model. She was born in England in 1975. At the time of her Lara Croft job she was 1.71 metres tall and weight 65 kilos. She has green eyes and brown hair.

Nell McAndrew succeeded Rhona Mitra as the official Lara Croft model in 1998. Her first appearances was at E3 in Los Angeles, followed by the ECTS in London. She also worked on the Lucozade commercials.

She was replaced by Lara Weller.

Playboy Pictures

During her gig as Lara Croft the Playboy Magazine published pictures of Nell McAndrew, which sparked some controversy. Supposedly these nude images and the Playboy's reference to Tomb Raider were the reason for her being fired by Core Design.


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