Menkaure's Pyramid

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Menkaure's Pyramid
The Last Revelation
Section Giza Section
Level No 29
Secrets 1
Location Egypt, Giza
Level Chronology:
Underneath The Sphinx Menkaure's Pyramid Inside Menkaure's Pyramid

Menkaure's Pyramid is the twenty-ninth level of The Last Revelation and the third in the Giza Section.

The goal of the level is to get the key and use it to get in the pyramid.


Lara has reached the site of the Pyramids of Giza. She'll have to climb along the Pyramid of Menkaure to get inside of it.




There's only one secret to be found in this level.

Artefacts & Keys




First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Note on getting the Armoury Key

Later on in the level Lara must kill the scorpion before it kills the guy in the building with the key in order to get the Armoury Key that let's her get a future secret. The best weapon to do so is the revolver but if you use the shotgun after killing it, this activates a bug in which Lara can't use her arms which prevents her from drawing weapons, picking up stuff and grabbing hold of ledges and shimmying, which prevents her from completing the level.


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