MG415 Submachinegun

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SMG in Legend

The MG415 Submachinegun, modelled after the real world MP5 submachine gun, is one of the weapons in Tomb Raider Legend.

It is first found in the level Bolivia - Tiwanaku.

This weapon is an upgrade to the pistol in terms of rate of fire and clip size. But it was rarely used in the game due to the fact that ammo was scarce and better alternatives are readily available to the player.


It has a clip size of 40 rounds, with another 3 spare clips - a maximum total of 160 rounds of ammo for the player to carry.

Further Information

The MG415 Submachinegun allows for single shots and full automatic fire. Close range accuracy is above average for a weapon of this type.
In-game information[1]


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