Lost in Memories

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Research Notes Recorder

Lost in Memories is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Research Notes set and contains Ana's personal journal, that describes her manipulating Lara's father, her relationship to her brother Konstantin, and her illness.

More of Ana's personal journal. Whatever disease she has, it's starting to affect her mind. Bit it's not as if she were the very picture if mental stability before...

This fucking illness. It is ruining my body and now it threatens my mind as well. I keep drifting off. Getting lost in memories.

... lost in thoughts of the day Lord Croft died. How the plan had to shift. How I thought we had failed.
And before that. My early days with Trinity. Learning the secret histories of the world. Learning that it was our duty to save it.

... And back farther, to childhood. Konstantin and I. With only each other to rely on.

Then I rip myself free. Back to the present.

I've always done what had to be done. This time will be no different.