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The Artifacts in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light can be used to improve the weapons or the character's abilities.

Artefacts found in Multiplayer mode are added to both players permanent inventories. In other words, both players can use the same artefact at the same time; you don't have to collect an artifact yourself to own it afterwards, as long as you were there when it was collected.

Artifacts affect your characters attributes in different ways both positively and negatively. Two artifacts can be equipped that boost the same attribute to give even greater strength.
In-game information[1]

List of Artifacts

Properties: Defense +1 Bomb -1
Properties: Weapon -1 Defense +1
Properties: Defense +1
Properties: Defense -1 Speed +1
Properties: Bomb -1 Speed +1
Properties: Speed +1
Properties: Weapon +1 Defense -1
Properties: Weapon +1 Bomb -1
Properties: Weapon +1
Properties: Weapon -1 Bomb +1
Properties: Defense -1 Bomb +1
Properties: Bomb +1
Properties: Weapons +1 Bomb +1
Properties: Weapons +1 Speed +1
Properties: Bomb +1 Speed +1
Properties: Defense +1 Speed +1
Properties: Weapon +1 Defense +1
Properties: Weapon +1 Defense +1 Bomb +1
Properties: Defense +1 Bomb +1 Speed +1
Properties: Weapon +1 Defense +1 Bomb +1 Speed +1



  1. In-game information screen that appears when the first Artifact is obtained