Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (Game Boy Advance)

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend for Game Boy Advance is a little different from the regular version. You can find more information on the game itself in the main article: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend.

Story & Walkthrough


"Anaya telephoned today. She heard a rumor about an ancient temple in Bolivia that contains an ornate stone dais. It could be the one I'm looking for. I'm setting out first thing in the morning."
--Lara Croft


15 years ago - Somewhere over the Himalayas

"Just because no one's ever caught one doesn't mean they're not real." -- 8-year-old Lara

"Yeti only look fierce. They probably don't like being so cold all the time. I shouldn't like it either." -- 8-year-old Lara

"You never have to be cold, my Lara, if you don't want to be." -- Lady Amelia Croft

"Look!" -- 8-year-old Lara

"Henry! What's happened?" -- Lady Amelia Croft

"...we've lost our portside engine..." -- Henry, the pilot

"Close your eyes, darling." -- Lady Amelia Croft


"Really, Zip, it's like going up a set of stairs, only far less boring." -- Lara Croft

"Yeah? Well I want to throw up every time you look down... Hey, Alister's back. Grab a headset." -- Zip

"Back so soon... from Florence, wasn't it?" -- Lara Croft

"Decided on Genoa at the last minute. My dissertation will never see daylight at this rate, but never mind that. What are you doing in Bolivia?" -- Alister Fletcher

"Ascending. Alister, meet Tiwanaku. She's a lovely pre-Incan civilization, currently in ruins." -- Lara Croft

"Delighted." -- Alister Fletcher


Objective: Find the ancient stone dais of Tiwanaku.

Traverse along the ledge to the right. Jump up to the second ledge, by pressing UP and B. Slightly to the right you can jump up again to the third ledge and once more to the fourth. Traverse right and jump to the broad ledge. Pull up by pressing UP and B again (remember that, it's often up and B, although right and B would be more logical in some cases) and climb further up to the right, where once again UP and B will do the trick.

Run up the sloping path to the right and jump across the gap in the path. Continue downhill to the water, on your way you will be accompanied by a little, harmless rolling rock. Jump into the water.

Secret: Dive down. In the lower right corner of the pool you will find a Bronze Reward. Swim to the surface again.

Climb out of the water at the right end and climb further up to the right. Grab hold of the Movable Rock by just running against it. Push it into the pit.

Secret: Jump into the pit and collect the Silver Reward.