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Lady Lara Croft
Born February 14th, 1967
Nationality British
Education Morrison
Occupation Explorer, Adventurer
Height 5'9"
Weight 126 lbs.
Spouse Roger (Fiancée, deceased)
Parents Henshingley Croft, Andrea Croft
Comic(s) Tomb Raider Comics

Lady Lara Croft, born February 14th 1967 in England, is an Explorer travelling the globe in search of adventure and rare artefacts. She is the daughter of Lord Henshingley Croft and Lady Andrea Croft.

Lara Croft is a refined Lady of wealth and privilege. That, however, has not stopped her from traveling the world, guns blazing, risking her life in the pursuit of rare artifacts. Born into a wealthy family Lara was raised in the best schools with the finest teachers. It was during this time that she also developed a love for archaeology. Now, using her family fortune and her beloved twin 9mm pistols, Lara travels the worlds as an explorer, and adventurer-She is the Tomb Raider!


Early Life

Lara was born into a wealthy family, as the daughter of Lord and Lady Croft.


At Morrison Lara was taught history by Mr. Bohannon.

At home Lara did gymnastics and learned shooting from the family's bodyguard Hartford Compton, without her parents knowing about it.

Life-altering Moment

During a trip with her parents and her fiancée Roger, the Croft family jet catches fire and crashes in the wilderness. Lara, the only survivor, is forced to get along on her own.

Comic Lara

Real Name: Lara Croft
Current Occupation: Explorer and Adventurer
Date of Birth: February 14th 1967
Marital Status: Single
Weapons Used: 9mm Handguns
Base of Operations: Croft Manor in Surrey, England

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Lara's appearance in the comics varies a little with each artist drawing her.

Connection to other Characters

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