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Lara's Research Wall is board seen in Rise of the Tomb Raider where Lara pins her recent research concerning her quest for answers to her questions about immortality. It is located in her London flat.

Interactive Version

On 28 October 2015 an interactive online version was published on the Xbox web page.[1] Here the wall can be explored in detail and a download code for a Expedition Cards deck can be discovered.

The following items can be found on the wall; the descriptions below can be accessed by clicking on the symbols on the wall:

"The Fountain of Youth Discovered"

(artist unknown, wood engraving, c. 1850)

A depiction of a conquistador discovering the fabled Fountain of Youth, somewhere in the jungles of South America.

"Galahad Kneels Before the Holy Grail"

(artist unknown, oil on canvas, c. 1849-1855)

After accepting the challenge presented by the Siege Perilous, Sir Galahd eventually triumphs and finds the cup of eternal life at the court of King Pelles.

Working Things Out

Lara often scribbles symbols, notes, and reminders to herself during her hours of research. On this page, she seems concerned with ancient Druidic symbols of rebirth and regeneration.

Brainwave Transference Apparatus

Lara investigates anything that could lead to ger understanding of the human soul - including this copy of a patent for an unusual DARPA-funded experiment into the possibility of human conciousness Transference.

Lord Croft's Dictaphone

Lara's father recorded his controversial theories here. She'll use it as she searches for the truth.

"It is the greatest cruelty of life that we're all taken too swiftly from it. We age, we decay, we die. But what do we leave behind? Bones? Dust? What of the soul? Does it endure beyond our earthly existence? I believe it does. A truth lies at the heart of many myths and stories - a truth not of science, but something more profound: the key to unlocking everlasting life! I may have found the next piece to the puzzle, but I am not alone in this search. They're following me, watching my every step. I know them by name now: Trinity. An ancient violent sect with designs on controlling the future of humanity. I must proceed carefully for the sake of my family, if anything were to ever happen to Lara or Anna I could never forgive myself."
Dictaphone Tape 1

"Knowledge always comes at a price. The history books are full of examples: Marie Curie dying of cancer, Emilia Erhard lost, Giordano Bruno burned at the stake. This work is dangerous. I've tried so hard to make you understand that. I hope it's not a lesson you have to learn for yourself."
Dictaphone Tape 2

"I know that you like to read the archaeological journals now, but I urge you that if you see anything written that is less than pleasant about me to ignore it! There are those who simply do not understand the work I'm doing here, perhaps they are even frightened by it; but their fear and stupidity is not my concern, and neither should it be yours! I will explain everything in good time, my darling girl."
Dictaphone Tape 1

"Resting Place of the Divine"

(artist unknown, ink on parchment)

A copy of a medieval ink drawing of the prophet's sarcophagus, supposed resting place of the Divine Source. Legend says the Source is an artifact that can bestow eternal life.

Map of Syria

An old map of Syria that belonged to Lord Croft. It appears to have been folded and unfolded often for several years. A location of interest is circled in red marker.

Graduation Day

A photo of Lara and her best friend Samantha Nishimura on their graduation day from University College London.

The Tomb Marker

A hand drawn sketch of an obelisk Lord Croft believed marked the entrance to the Tomb of the Prophet. He would never live to see it himself. Used by Lara in her search for the tomb's location.

"Massacre of the Prophet and His People"

(Rayne of Tarsus, c. 978 A.D.)

A reproduction of a Byzantine fresco depicting the Order of Trinity slaying the Prophet whilst his people steal away the Divine Source to points unknown.

Endurance Crew Shot

A tattered photo of the Endurance Crew from Lara's first adventure. A corner is torn away, removing the face of James Whitman. Lara doesn't want any reminder of the man who betrayed her on the island of Yamatai.

The Modern Family

A painting of Lord Croft with his daughter Lara and his colleague and girlfriend Anna. The artist did his best to get Lara to smile, but perhaps she wasn't happy about having to wear a dress.


Front page of the London Observer exposé that ruined the Croft family reputation. This would be the first of many media attacks on Lord Croft. Eventually Lara would face similar character attacks after her adventures on the island of Yamatai.