Jan Mayen Island Section

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Jan Mayen Island Section

The Jan Mayen Island Section is the fifth section of Tomb Raider Underworld.

After obtaining the Thor's Belt from Southern Mexico Lara continues her search for the Thor's Hammer. While she was looking for the belt Zip figured out exact coordinates on where to go next from the Odin's Map.

Lara's thoughts on the expedition are the following:

  • Having found Thor's belt and gauntlets in part of the world less far from civilization, I feel confident that I will find Thor's hammer here undisturbed. Perhaps this site being so remote will also mean no undead guardians lurking within to complicate my search.[1]


On Jan Mayen Island, Lara opens Valgrind, the "Gate of the Dead", to enter Valhalla. Fighting her way past Thralls, an army of undead that exist to defend the temple, she collects Mjolnir from a room that blazes with it's incredible power.





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