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Valgrind, also known as The Gate of the Dead or The Sacred Gate, is the main entrance to Valhalla. This huge gate protects the great hall of Odin where the men who died gloriously in battle were escorted if the Valkyries saw them worthy of it. [1]

In order to open Valgrind, Lara has to insert the energy stones that are scattered around the area to their receptacles of the central tower structure, and then she has to align the glowing blue symbols correctly that decorate the tower's walls on four different levels.

In-game Information

Valgrind - the Sacred Gate. Protecting Valhalla is a great gate of size and cunning such that few knew how it could be opened. Now I see that it's through both the application of understanding and the strenght of Thor bestowed by his artifacts.
Lara's Journal Entry[2]


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