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J. R. Milward (aka. Jennifer or Jenni Milward) is a member of the Tomb Raider Community, blogger, and Fan Fiction writer from Nottingham, England, United Kingdom.

Milward is probably best known for the novelization of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness and the subsequent release as an Audiobook, where she played the part of Lara Croft. She is credited with the voice acting in the Tomb Raider The Dagger of Xian fan project, too, where she again played Lara. Furthermore, according to her website[1], she has "provided voiceovers for dozens of fan-made animations, custom levels, trailers, and more".

Milward also created her own line of Tomb Raider inspired jewellery that can be purchased online[2].

Fan Fiction

There are multiple fan fiction stories available on her website:

  • An Angel In The Darkness
  • Delivery
  • The Road To Angkor
  • Into The Labyrinth
  • Untameable
  • Wild Life

The Angel of Darkness Novelization

Despite Milward's many other fan fictions the Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness game novelization has drawn the most attention to the author so far. She adapted the game into a novel sometime around 2012 and the current second edition of the 322 pages book can be downloaded for free from her web page[3]. It was developed from the short novella written in 2006[4].

The Angel of Darkness Audiobook

An audiobook version of the AoD novelization can be found on SoundCloud[5], Youtube[6], and the Apple iTunes Podcasts[7].


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