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Game(s) Nightmare Stone

Illiat is a character from the Game Boy Adventure Nightmare Stone.


He is supposed to meet with Lara at a base site beside a temple deep in the rainforest of the Amazon. Originally Illiat wanted to meet her at the airport but, because he feared that other interested parties would try to get into the temple first he changed his mind.

When Lara arrives at the temple there is no sign of him.

Lara: "Oh no, Illiat!"

Lara: "What's happened to you?"

Lara: "Hang on, Illiat, I'm coming!"
In-game Dialogue

She enters the temple alone.

Lara will finally meet Illiat in the Royal Tombs and she shoots the mummy that has been attacking Illiat and kneels down beside him.

Lara: "Illiat, are you hurt?"

Illiat: "It's too late for me Lara. I've lost to much blood. I'm dying."

Lara: "How did this happen to you? What's going on?"

Illiat: "Lara, did you touch the temple altar?"

Lara: "Yes."

Illiat: "Lara, you have unleashed the guardians!"

Lara: "What guardians?"

Illiat: "They are the spirity of the ancient protectors ot the temple. They were entombed here to make sure that no one would try to take the stone. They will kill any intruder."

Lara: "Then, Illiat we've got to get out of here!"

Illiat: "No Lara, you must stop the others."

Lara: "What others?"

Illiat: "While I was waiting for you, I was ambushed and tortured. They were mercenaries who wanted the map to the Nightmare Stone."

Lara: "They took me to the altar and made me show them what must be done. Then they found the map and left me there to die. But I tricked them, they didn't get the entire map. They cannot get all the way down to the snake guardian. He holds teh final part of the key that will unlock the Nightmare Stone."

Illiat: "This map here will help ... you get back ... up to the altar. Destroy the Nightmare Stone Lara... It is PURE evil ..."
In-game Dialogue