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Hand of Midas in Tomb Raider Anniversary

The Hand of Midas is part of a puzzle in the original Tomb Raider and its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary.

In the level Palace Midas (Tomb Raider) or Greece - Midas's Palace (Tomb Raider Anniversary) Lara has to collect Lead Bars and turn them into Gold Bars with the help of the hand of the statue of King Midas. In the original Tomb Raider the remains of the statue of Midas only consist of his feet and one hand. In Tomb Raider Anniversary his statue is pretty much intact, except for the left arm which is lying at his feet.

As a Trap

The Hand of Midas can also be regarded as a trap, since it may lure the player to try whether the legend of Midas' golden touch is really true or not. If the player cannot resist the tempation of stepping onto the Hand of Midas, Lara is turned into gold, into Midas' Golden Lara. This results in Lara's death.


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