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Scroll from The Apostle Set

Exile is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Prophet's Arrival set and describes how Decius became the first apostle of the Prophet and how he and the other followers were forced to leave the Byzantine empire.

The first Apostle was willing to leave his birthplace, and follow the Prophet to the edges of the Empire...

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 977 A.D.

The Church in the West has sent their messengers - self proclaimed soldiers of God, the Knights of the Order of Trinity. They have come to silence the Prophet - to quell the blasphemy and eradicate our movement. But it is too late now - we will not be silenced.

Violence erupts in the Forum on a daily basis. The Prophet knows that we cannot stand against them, so we must leave Constantinople. We will go to the desert to build anew and continue the Prophet's work.