Prophet's Arrival

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Scroll from The Apostle Set

Prophet's Arrival is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Prophet's Arrival set and describes how Decius became the first apostle of the Prophet and how he and the other followers were forced to leave the Byzantine empire.

Hmm, this is the declaration of a follower of the Prophet of Byzantium.

From the journals of Decius, first apostle to the Prophet, 970 A.D.

We heard of the Prophet's arrival in Constantinople, but we paid it no mind. The great city has always drawn madmen and pretenders to the war of God. We heard strange tales of the miracles of the Prophet, but still we did not seek him out.

But then we heard him speak, heard the liquid truth of his words roll across the Forum of Constantine. He claimed nit to speak for God, claimed that no man could. But his wisdom was plain, and not a one if us in that Forum could deny that he spoke the truth. I must know more about him. I must hear him again.