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Device Drivers (or Hardware Device Drivers or short Drivers) are pieces of software that facilitate communication between the hardware of a PC and its Operating System. Outdated or incorrect drivers are often a source of problems when trying to play Tomb Raider Games.

With the exception of the original Tomb Raider, all games run under Windows, which in turn needs the correct hardware drivers to be installed.


To always be able to play at the best graphics experience one should almost always use the latest driver for the installed graphics card - unless there are problems and a different version is known to work better.

Older games also need to have the correct version of DirectX installed, while newer games should work out of the box.


Since the 2000s most PCs don't have a dedicated sound card any more. The drivers installed with the operating system will mostly work. An exceptions may be Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, which needs EAX installed.


Since the 2010s most game controllers have been replaced with a Xbox 360 controllers that work seamlessly with newer versions of Windows. Other controllers may need special drivers or even an input wrapper like Xinput.