Crypts of the Founders

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Scroll from The Prophet's Trail Set

The Prophet's Trail is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains descriptions of the five Founders of Kitezh and their accomplishments for the forefathers of the Remnant. In this they complement the Crypt Murals found in the Crypts of the Founders.

All documents of this set increase Lara's Greek Language Proficiency.

Documents of the Set

There are five scrolls in this set:

The city of Kitezh wasn't build by the Prophet alone... He draw the best and the brightest to his fold.
Building a city like Kitezh would take many skills and talents. The Prophet lauded every contribution.
In order to build the new city, the Prophet and his followers had first to survive the long journey.
A great City needs a great architect... and the Prophet found his among the Rus...
Kitezh was home to artists, philosophers, and more. Who knows what it might have become...