Broken Bonds

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Research Notes Recorder

Broken Bonds is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Research Notes set and contains Ana's personal journal, that describes her manipulating Lara's father, her relationship to her brother Konstantin, and her illness.

A piece of Ana's personal journal. She's giving up on trying to turn me to her side. Now she thinks she can break me... Well, come and see, Ana. I'll be waiting.

Croft continues to create difficulties for us. She's rallied the valley people from their squalid huts and helped lead them to a series of victories.

I wish I could make her understand just how wrong she is. How misguided her ideas of morality are. The world is too flawed for stop-gaps. A line hero cannot rescue it. The idea of revealing the Divine Source to the world would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous.

Did I think she could be turned to Trinity's side before? Yes. But not any more.

We were close, she and I. There is a bond there. But... but... I think now there is no other choice. She must be broken.

And I know she can be broken. I've broken stronger than her.