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A springboard

The Springboard (also Bounce Pad) is a board that, once touched by Lara's feet, will spring and push her forward with force. These pads are found only in Ice Palace and Temple of Xian in Tomb Raider II.

The bounce pads are said to be one of the elements that adds frustration to the game as it is difficult to control Lara when facing these boards. Tackling these boards can be difficult, as some springboards, if used in certain ways, can throw Lara very high into the air, and perhaps there would be no where to grab to escape the deathly fall that will follow.

Springboards deposit Lara on surfaces higher up that would be completely inaccessible by jumping alone (if you work them right).

Working Springboards/Bounce Pads

Sometimes, when you run onto a springboard, the shape of the ceiling may point you in the right direction (as long as you are running in the direction of the ledge you want to pull up on), and make sure to Grab as soon as you take off. If the ceiling is higher up, pressing the Forward Directional Button will move Lara in that direction while airborne.

Specific Locations in Ice Palace and Temple of Xian

Ice Palace

  • Opening Area (use the springboards either to reach higher areas or to shoot bells which open certain gates.)

Temple of Xian

  • By one side of the temple (use to get on the roof of the temple)
  • In the large Magma chamber where you discovered the Dragon Seal (one allows you to exit the chamber, one allows you to get a secret)
  • Past the Silver Key door, there are a chain of four springboards that maneuver Lara to high above.