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Research Notes Recorder

Betrayal is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to Research Notes set and contains Ana's personal journal, that describes her manipulating Lara's father, her relationship to her brother Konstantin, and her illness.

A fragment of Ana's journal. She's been manipulating my family for years. All this time... and I trusted her.

I've finally laid my betrayals bare. Lara knows the truth.

Now a strange series of emotions has gripped me. Remorse, certainly. Remorse for a piece of me that was left inside that torture cell.

But something else, too.

I know Konstantin thinks that I have lost my edge, that my time with the Croft's has made me soft. But He's wrong. It isn't softness. If feels instead, like a new kind of resolve.

I knew Lord Croft to be an intelligent man. I know his daughter holds secrets in her head. As an ally, she'd be invaluable.

As an enemy, she'll be a difficult problem. I must make sure that Konstantin's arrogance doesn't get the better of him as we take her on.