Atlas Riddle

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Statue of Atlas and the shootable buttons on both sides of the statue

The Atlas Riddle is a puzzle found in Tomb Raider Anniversary, in the level Greece - St. Francis Folly. It's located in the room dedicated to the Titan Atlas of the Greek mythology. Completing the riddle makes it possible for Lara to obtain the Key of Atlas.

In the room there's a deep pit, a long ramp and a statue of Atlas on a higher platform. Two sets of spikes prevent Lara from getting the Key of Atlas. First, Lara has to cross the deep pit. She has to turn the turnable switch, which extends platforms from the ends of the pit. Now crossing the pit is easy, but it has to be done quickly, because the platforms soon start to retract.

As Lara is now standing on the ramp, she has to use a switch that's located on a higher platform on the left wall of the ramp. This causes a horizontal pole to extend over the pit.

With the pole ready, now it's time for some shooting. Lara should stay as far as possible from the statue, and aim for the two shootable buttons on both sides of the Atlas Statue. The targeting reticule doesn't have to be red to make a succesful shot. After the first shot, the globe on the shoulders of Atlas makes a lurch forward. After the second shot the globe starts to roll down like a boulder. Both shots also lower the sets of spikes. As the globe starts to roll, Lara has to immediately start running towards the pit, jump to the pole and after swinging around it just once she has to jump off to the turnable switch.

The globe breaks the pole as it rolls down to the pit, so to get back to the ramp, Lara has to turn the switch again to extend the platforms. Now Lara can obtain the Key of Atlas.