Answers Breed Questions

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Answers Breed Questions

Answers Breed Questions is a Cinematic in Tomb Raider Legend.

It is the final cinematic in the game and takes place in Bolivia.

After dealing with the transformed Amanda Lara takes the Wraith Stone from her fallen opponent. She then advances on the Stone Dais with Excalibur raised and inserts the sword into the stone. A green substance begins to flow through the veins of the stone circle. Lara takes out her notebook with the symbols she had written down when her mother disappeared. She rearranges the symbols on the four obelisks exactly as they were in Nepal back then. When she is done the large circular portal erects and she sees her mother appearing inside it. Lara realizes that she is looking into the past and tries to communicate with her mother. Mother! It's Lara! Your daughter! Her mother misunderstands her and thinks that whoever is talking to her wants to tell her that the little Lara standing behind her is meant and events unfold just as they have in the past with Amelia asking What about my daughter?. Lara tries to warn her not to make the same mistake again and yells Don't touch the sword!. Amanda, who has just regained conciousness at this moment, however is determined to find her way into Avalon and yells Take out the sword!, probably talking to Lara at this moment. Lara just sees how everything is heading for trouble and reacts saying What? No! Mother! Mother, listen to me- Amanda interjects It'll explode unless you pull out the sword!. Lady Croft gets terrified and pulls out the sword at her end, in Nepal and everything happens as it has in Lara's past. The portal in Bolivia explodes and Lara throws herself on the ground screaming No!. The sword Excalibur is catapulted from the dais and lands in the ground before her.

Amanda yells at Lara. You idiot! You ruined everything! Lara herself is mad and advances on Amanda. All these years I blamed myself, and it was you! You killed her! Amanda replies while Lara points a gun at her head, Killed her?! She's not dead! She went where I was supposed to go! Where you could have gone! Lara yells Make sense right this second or I swear I'll execute you where you stand! Amanda clarifies that she had addressed Lara not Lady Croft. I told you to pull out the sword! I TOLD YOU! Lara shoots past her head yelling WHERE...IS...MY...MOTHER?! Amanda replies AVALON! It's not a myth! Don't you get it?! You'll never understand. I'm wasting my breath. Lara knocks out Amanda with her gun. From this moment, your every breath is a gift from me.

Lara is then addressed the boys back home via the headset. Lara? - For years my father believed Mother was alive. It was what kept him going. I pitied him for thinking that way. Alister, go to the British Museum immediately. Ring me when you get there. Dress in layers - you'll be there awhile. - Right. I'm off. - Zip, call Professor Eddington at the Cavendish Laboratory. Arrange a meeting. - Will do. What should I tell him? - Tell him... Tell him my father was right about everything, and there may still be time to do something about it.