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Sessions Recorder

Aftermath is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Sessions set and contains the recordings of one of Lara's therapy sessions.

These... these are transcripts of private sessions I had following the island. How the hell did Ana get these?

Therapist: Okay, let's begin. It's Tuesday, the 25th of July, and I am here with Ms. Lara Croft. How are you this afternoon, Ms. Croft?

Lara: Fine, thank you.

Therapist: Ms. Croft, there's a bit of a joke about the word 'fine' in psychiatry, that it often stands for: 'Feelings Inside Not Expressed'.

Lara: Mmm. I thought jokes were supposed to be funny.

Therapist: It's possible I oversold its value as a joke. However, if we're going to get anything out of our time together, you need to be honest. Now, can you honestly tell me that you feel... 'fine'?

Lara: No. Not for a while.

Ana: Lara is almost completely closed off. But it's clear that she's in pain. Trinity will undoubtedly want me to use this against her.