Willowtree Herbalist

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Willowtree Herbalist
Tr6 traod willowtreeherbalistloading.PNG
The Angel of Darkness
Section Parisian Ghetto Section
Level No 2.4
Special This is simply a sub-level of the Parisian Ghetto where Lara can get information.
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Parisian Ghetto Willowtree Herbalist Parisian Ghetto

Willowtree Herbalist is a level in The Angel of Darkness. It's a sub level of the Parisian Ghetto.

The Willowtree Herbalist is located near the Deb Disques record store. Head right from where Janice is standing and when you reach the blocked road follow the Rue de Piolet (to the left).

The store is owned by an Asian-looking man, and although Lara has money to spend, she can't buy anything from him (probably this is one of the features left out since the game was rushed). If you talk to the owner he will give you some information about Bouchard and his doorman, but he doesn't know the password Lara needs.


Lara is travelling around the Parisian Ghetto to find out information about a man named Bouchard, hoping that when finding out more about him she'd find out more about the murder of Werner Von Croy.


Typical Scenery of the Level


The task to complete is fairly simple, there's nothing else to do than to talk to the Herbalist.