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Europe / Asia

Games * (Tomb Raider / Anniversary)
Comics * The Frozen Omen

Turkey is a location occurring in the Dark Horse Comics. It has also been mentioned in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

Locations in Turkey


The Angel of Darkness

The last of the extinct Nephilim race, called The Sleeper, was located in Anatolia, Turkey and then brought to the Strahov, Prague by a lone Truckdriver. He tells to Kurtis Trent about it in an in-game cutscene: [1]

  • Truckdriver: I didn't sign on for this. Not devils and shadows. I'm just a truck driver.
  • Kurtis: What? You drove here?
  • Truckdriver: Four days on the road, from Turkey. Long way. Long way.
  • Kurtis: What did you bring here? What were you carrying?
  • Truckdriver: Death in five tons of stone. The Sleeper. Drove here, then they grabbed us. She locked us in here with her hungry pet the screamer. The Proto!

There are also crates visible in the Strahov Fortress level labelled "Turkey", implying that The Sleeper was brought there at the time she infiltrated the place.

The Angel of Darkness 2

Although the game has never been made, there were plans to continue the story in Cappadocia, Turkey, as documents released by Core Design employees disclose.

Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen

In the beginning of the Frozen Omen Lara Croft and Carter Bell meet up in the Antalya Province where Lara helps her friend to retrieve his lost sparrow hawk. They are later seen sailing into Istanbul, where Carter is currently studying a collection of ivory miniatures.


  1. In-game cutscene in the level The Sanitarium, dialogue between Kurtis Trent and the Truckdriver