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Multiplayer Lobby

The Multiplayer is a new feature in the reboot Tomb Raider (2013). Many different multiplayer game modes are available.

Unlike in many other games where Multiplayer is reduced to shooting and hiding, traversal will still play an important role in the Tomb Raider multiplayer, so will placing traps.

Game Modes

Basically in all competitive modes the Endurance's survivors will fight against the scavengers (also known as Solarii [1]. Matches (except in "Free for All") will be "best out of three". Players will alternately play as scavengers or survivors. [2]


A round-based mode where Survivors attempt to recover medical supplies while the Solarii must finish them with a melee execution.
In-game Description

The survivors have to carry a medipack to their camp ("Retrieve and and capture the medical supplies") while the scavengers try to stop them by killing them. The survivors win if they bring back 5 medkits and the scavengers win when they score 20 kills. This mode is 4 on 4, but can also be played with less players. In a private match you can also play it one-on-one. [3] If a survivor player is mortally wounded in this game mode, he is pinned to a location but can still shoot at targets within range, an enemy can finish him off for good, but he can possible also be rescued by a team mate.

Team Death Match

A round-based mode where Survivors and Solarii must fight for supremacy. The team with the highest score at the end wins.
In-game Description

Players fight in groups of four with one group being the Endurance's survivors and the other representing the scavengers. The first group to get 25 kills, or to get most kills within the given time wins. [4]

Cry for Help

A round-based mode where Survivors must activate radio transmitters while preventing their batteries from falling into Solarii hands.
In-game Description

Free for All

Survival of the fittest: Kill enough players without dying to become the "Executioner" and secure your dominance before times runs out.
In-game Description

Playable Characters

The playable characters will have different abilities. Characters with higher abilities have to be unlocked by reaching higher levels (which is done by earning a certain amount of XP) before they can be used. The characters listed below have been officially confirmed, it is likely that all characters, including Lara become available throughout the gamers multiplayer career.

Cost of Characters

CharacterAffiliationLevel RequiredPrice

Levels & Rewards

To earn XP there are a number of things you can do. See XP List Tomb Raider (2013) Multiplayer

Level Necessary Points Reward
1 / /
2 5.000 Increased Ammo Capacity (offensive skill)
3 Tactical Pistol (secondary)
4 15.500 Creeper (Solarii character), Thick Skin (survival skill)
5 Combat Shotgun (Survivor primary)
6 26.720 Pincushion (survival skill)
7 Solarii Recurve Bow (Solarii primary)
8 38.980 Grim (Survivor character), Harder Hits (offensive skill)
9 45.600 Modified Submachine Gun (Survivor primary)
10 52.600 Spite (offensive skill)
11 Fake Ammo Box (Solarii explosives)
12 Father Mathias (Solarii character), Grenadier (survival skill)
13 Survivor Recurve Bow (Survivor primary)
14 85.200 Bulletproof (survival skill), Trench Shotgun (Solarii primary)
15 Land Mine (Survivor explosives)
16 Reyes (Survivor character), Eagle Eye (offensive skill)
17 115.600
18 127.080 Fireproof (survival skill)
19 Fully Automatic Pistol (Survivor secondary)
20 Smoker (Solarii character), Magnum Pistol (Solarii secondary)
21 166.120 Rancor (offensive skill)
22 180.800 Commando Rifle (Survivor primary)
23 196.380 Crossbow (Solarii primary)
24 212.900 Steph (Survivor character), Tracker (survival skill)
25 Smoke Grenade (Survivor explosives)
26 Flash Grenade (Solarii explosives)
27 Second Wind (offensive skill)
28 Bruiser (Solarii character)
29 Fully Automatic Shotgun (Survivor primary)
30 Marksman Rifle (Solarii primary)
31 358.220 Lightfoot (survival skill)
32 Victor (Survivor character)
33 410.480
34 438.600
35 468.100 Speedloader (offensive skill)
36 499.020 Saboteur (Solarii character)
37 531.400 Dynamite (explosives)
38 565.280
39 Rejuvenation (survival skill)
40 637.700 Whitman (Survivor character)
41 676.320 Light Machine Gun (Survivor primary)
42 716.600 Double-barreled Shotgun (Solarii primary)
43 758.580 Steady Shot (offensive skill)
44 Soldier (Solarii character)
46 895.120
47 944.300
48 995.380 Pilot (Survivor character)
49 1.048.400
50 1.103.460 Flare Gun (Solarii explosives)
51 1.160.420
52 Archer (Solarii character)
54 Sawed-off Shotgun (Survivor secondary)
55 1.409.500
58 Compound Bow (Solarii primary)
60 Lara (Survivor character)
Prestige 3 The General (Solarii)

Remark: If no affiliation is stated for any weapon or upgrade, they are available for both.

Weapons and Traps

Loadouts consist of a primary firearm / the bow, a sidearm, grenade-like projectile and the climbing axe.

Besides using weapons the players can set up traps to catch the opposing team unaware. Other traps are provided by the environment and can catch both teams. Bear traps, spikes, ropes and lightning rods have been shown so far.


Five maps will be available at launch and are available in all of the four game modes.

Further maps can be bought as additional DLC. (These are included in the Definitive Edition as released on PS4 and Xbox One.)

Note on Matchmaking

Please note that when you're playing another version than the Definitive Edition, you may run into difficulties when trying to find matches when you have maps installed that other potential players don't have. In this case it is advised to deactivate these extra DLC maps. To do so go to "Options" on the title screen. Choose "Matchmaking". Pick all maps you want to deactivate and switch them to "off".

Trophies / Achievements


The Multiplayer has received rather negative reviews and it's seen as an unnecessary feature:

There is one truly disappointing aspect of Tomb Raider, and that's the multiplayer, which is best forgotten about. It just isn't a lot of fun and it's totally superfluous. Two of the four game modes feel significantly stacked in favour of one team over the other, and though Tomb Raider's combat is good in the context of the single-player, it's just not flexible or varied enough to support a multiplayer mode for long. It’s also over-complicated with loadouts, levelling and skill unlocks, which robs it of immediacy. At best it's passably entertaining, but I'll be surprised if anyone is still playing it in a couple of months.[5]

A few things about the new Tomb Raider come across as wasted effort. -- Likewise a multiplayer mode, which nobody familiar with Tomb Raider would expect or even think to ask for, is competent but utterly unremarkable and requires underpowered newbies to grind for more effective weapons and perks to level a wonky playing field.[6]

A big part of me wishes that the game started and stopped with the single-player offering, but that’s not the case. The multi-player isn’t awful, but it feels like a whole different game in everything from the muddy textures of environments to the sloppy feel of the action. Asymmetric matches demand separate objectives for the competing survivors and their island cultist opponents, which are implemented and balanced well. However, the combat feels loose and frantic, and character animation is choppy. -- The interesting idea of platforming during a multiplayer session is hamstrung because it just exposes you to attack. I enjoyed upgrading weapons and unlocking characters, but these systems don’t deviate much from expected standards. Other dedicated multiplayer experiences are more worth your time.[7]


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