XP List Tomb Raider (2013) Multiplayer

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The following list tells you how to earn XP in the Tomb Raider (2013) Multiplayer mode.

From the main menu of the Multiplayer, choose "Feats & Setbacks" to see which you have achieved and how often.


The following are found under Prowess.


Name Description Reward (XP) Game Mode
Annihilator Kill 3 enemies with a single explosive device. 500
Archenemy Kill the same enemy 5 times in a round. 350
Arsonist Kill an enemy player with fire. 250
Assassin Headshot 10 enemies in one round. 1000
Blow Out Kill 5 enemies by explosion. 500
Bouncer Kill 5 enemies less than 10s after they respawned in one round. 250
Deadeye Kill 3 enemies by headshot. 350
Delivery Boy Recover 3 medical supplies in a single round. 1000 Rescue
Demolitionist Destroy 3 structures in a single round. 125
Double Trouble Kill your attacker at the same time as you are killed. 400
Easy Prey Kill an enemy who is out of ammo. 150


Name Description Reward (XP) Game Mode


Name Description Reward (XP) Reward (Salvage) Game Mode
Bloodied Kill 500 enemy players. 1000 1000