The Cold War

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The Cold War
The Golden Mask
Section Melnikov Island
Level No 1
Secrets 3
Location Alaska, Melnikov Island
Level Chronology:
Home Sweet Home The Cold War Fool's Gold

The Cold War is a level in The Golden Mask.


Lara comes across some information referring to an ancient mask that was supposedly held on an island in the Bering Sea. She finds a faded photograph showing an Inuit whale hunter holding an ancient artefact. Lara finds information about a secret base and a conflict over gold that started on Melnikov Island in a newspaper clipping from 1945. She sets for the island in search of the artefact that is thought to be the famous Mask of Tornarsuk.


The level starts with Lara dropping from a helicopter onto an island in the Bering Sea. Lara finds herself near a former Soviet military base and mining base full of mercenary treasure hunters. The Cold War also contains a section where Lara must drive a snowmobile.

The main obstacles throughout the level are the numerous deep chasms that Lara can fall into, as well as the high number of armed mercenaries. There are also several animals lurking around the more deserted areas of the base.

The level also features a large icy cavern, where Lara first encounters the ghosts of long-dead Inuit hunters.

At the end of the level, a mineshaft is revealed and Lara dives into its dark depths.


  • Make your way through the mine compound, building complex and past mercenaries to the final area with the trapdoor that leads into an icy pool.


Traps and Obstacles


Typical Scenery of the Level


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