Streets of Rome

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Streets of Rome
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section Rome Section
Level No 1
Secrets 3
Location Italy, Rome
Level Chronology:
Temple of Horus Streets of Rome Trajan's Markets

Streets of Rome is the first level of Tomb Raider Chronicles and takes place in Rome, Italy.

The Streets of Rome was designed by Andrea Cordella. It is a fairly simple level in terms of structure. It consists of two areas, one centred around a courtyard with a fountain in it, the other around the Gate Garden. Lara starts at the backstage entrance of the Opera House that she visited the previous evening. This backstage area serves as obstacle course. Lara can gain access to the second area by exploring the apartment buildings nearby.

The second area around the Gate Garden is more interesting. A passage from the garden leads off to a raised area where there is a temple like structure, rising above the rest of the neighbourhood. There are several explanations for this structure. It could be some kind of interpretation of the Victor Emmanuel Monument, which was erected to commemorate Italy's first king in the 1800s. It could also be the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus which was sited at the top of the Capitoline Hill in Rome. It could also be a Temple to Saturn, as this is where you find the Saturn Symbol.


After grabbing the Mercury Stone from Larson and Pierre DuPont in the opera, Lara manages to escape on a scooter and is now standing in a backstreet behind the Opera.



Artefacts and Keys


There are three secrets in this level.


The Revolver and Lasersight can also be found in this level.


Traps and Obstacles