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Country France
Games The Angel of Darkness
Comics The Angel of Darkness

The Louvre is a location Lara visits in the game The Angel of Darkness and also in its comic adaptation, The Angel of Darkness, which includes three comic issues.

It is a famous museum in Paris. It's also the home of the Mona Lisa; probably the most famous painting in the world.

Lara visits the Louvre while searching for Von Croy's murderer in The Angel of Darkness. Located underneath the Louvre, in the Hall of Seasons she finds one of the Obscura Paintings.

The Angel of Darkness

Main article: Louvre Section

Lara creates an entrance to the Louvre by setting up an explosion in the Louvre Storm Drains. She infiltrates the Louvre to find the first one of the Obscura Paintings.


In the Louvre
In the Louvre
Under the Louvre
Under the Louvre


Comic Adaptation of The Angel of Darkness

The storyline of the comics follows very much the one of the game.