City of the Serpent (Level)

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City of the Serpent (Level)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Peru
Length (*)
Location City of the Serpent
Level Chronology:
Falling Apart City of the Serpent (Level)

City of the Serpent (Level) is the 19th and last Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, taking place in Peru.


Lara Croft returns to Paititi where Etzli has been planning the rebellion's attack. Lara splits off from the group of fighters and takes a different route through the City of the Serpent. Here she meets Crimson Fire and the Yaaxil again. Lara receives a solver moon goddess mask from her and takes on the persona one of the twin moon goddesses; an alliance is formed.

In the end nothing else is left to do but climb up to the plateau and defeat Dr. Dominguez, who has already started the ritual. After destroying three steles that powered the ritual, she can start attacking him directly. She realizes that with enough firepower the energy bubble around him needs recharging and she is able to grab the Key of Chak Chel from him.

After killing him with it, the Box tempts her with images of her family and how it all could have been if they hadn't been killed. Lara says her good-byes and when Crimson Fire appears, she knows what to do: she hands the Key to her and lies down on the sacrificial altar, fulfilling the role of Unuratu's. The Goddess Ix Chel, represented by Lara in the silver mask, is sacrificed to renew the sun, but miraculously Lara is unharmed.

Back in Paititi Lara says her farewell to her friends. After the credits we can see Lara in Croft Manor, sitting at her father's desk while Winston brings her some tea.


  • Talk to Etzli
  • Go to the Crimson Fire
  • Follow the Yaaxil to the Pyramid
  • Defeat Trinity