Beneath the Ashes

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Beneath the Ashes
Screen001 nmBTA.jpg
Release Date February 24, 2009
Platforms Xbox 360, Xbox One[1]
Secrets * Treasures: 30
  • Relics: 1
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Rating T for Teen
Parent Game:
[[Tomb Raider Underworld]]

Beneath the Ashes is an exclusive chapter of Tomb Raider Underworld for Xbox 360.

The expansion will feature Lara in a quest for a powerful artifact hidden beneath Croft Manor by her father Richard Croft, set after the events of Underworld. The game resumes in her father's secret study where she found Thor's second gauntlet. Speaking with Zip via a communication headset, Lara ponders where her father could have hid it, believing it might be in that very room. However, a thrall climbs from beneath the study, startling Lara. Shooting it, it falls down to where it came, showing Lara that her journey lies deeper that she thinks - the artifact she's looking for is beneath the ashes of Croft Manor.

Beneath the Ashes adds on a few hours of new gameplay, along with six new outfits, new enemies, new puzzles, and new death defying traps. The downloadable content is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


Recently I have come across an old file of my father's that describes an artifact of great power. This artifact not only has the ability to create thralls, but etched into it is a word, that if spoken, gives you the power to control those horrible things. To find this artifact, I must return to my father's secret study lying under the remains of my family's estate.




Jungle Pants
Classic Lara (separate download)
Blue Bikini
Black and White Bikini
Camo Bikini
Casual Explorer
Legend Lara (separate download)
Gold Bikini
Red Drysuit (separate download)
Grey Jungle Shorts
Blue Wetsuit (separate download)

Separate Download: Outfits marked with the terms in parenthesis means in order to use those outfits, you must download them separately off of the Xbox Live Marketplace. They're free of charge, the drysuit and wetsuit are together, and the classic outfit and Legend outfit are together.

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