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Welcome to WikiRaider:Readers Help. Here you find all the important information on searching in WikiRaider.

Article search

simple search

To simply search for an article, enter the key phrase in the textbox on the left and click Go.

(Alternatively enter the key phrase at the end of the following url in the address line of your browser: )


It is possible that the article you searched is not in the database. In this case you should use the extended search to look if it can be found integrated in another article.

extended search

Again use the search field on the left. This time, instead of go, click Search. Now all articles containing your keyword will be listed.

no luck?

If your search was unsuccessful, you can:

  • search for similar keywords
  • create an article entering whatever you know, hoping that someone will fill in the rest
  • report the missing item here: WikiRaider:wanted Articles