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This is the WikiRaider:Glossary which explains terms commonly used on WikiRaider (and other Wiki projects).

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Ad stands short for Advertisement, This is generally considered bad within the wiki. It is considered similar to Spam.
A user with special privileges. This user does not only serve as Sysop or Bureaucrat but has full access to the database and the ftp files of WikiRaider. We have one Administrator (who actually does the work) tombraidergirl (aka Jana) and one co-Administrator (who is able to jump in and helps during updates) Wile E. Coyote (aka janjan).
AfD is short for Articles for deletion, a list of articles that have been suggested to be deleted. See: the WikiRaider:Articles for deletion page.
AfR is short for Articles for relocation, a list of articles that have been suggested to be moved. See: the WikiRaider:Articles for relocation page.
The term article describes the regular WikiRaider entries. Not all pages within WikiRaider are articles (e.g. Project pages, user pages...).


Ban / Block
Users (or spam bots) that register to WikiRaider for one reason: vandalism will be immediately banned. We have not yet set up a banning policy for regular users, however as the project grows it will become necessary and let me warn you we stand for a quick banishment policy, you will probably receive one warning in advance before you are banned, so stick to the guidelines of WikiRaider and do not delete, mass-edit or move articles around without thinking about it carefully.
The term blanking describes the removal of all content from a page and saving it. Newbies should be aware that this is not the way to delete a page (besides: you are not authorized to perform deletion acts, suggest these pages for deletion. (Blanking should nevertheless be performed by any user when the page has been vandalized and has had no content prior to the vandalism. Don't forget to suggest the page.)
A bot is a program that automatically or semi-automatically adds or edits Websites (usually with questionable content like medication links).
Broken link
A broken link is a link to a non-existent page, usually coloured red. Policy is not to delete these links, but rather to start the missing article. If you are unable to do so, leave it alone.
Broken redirect
A broken redirect is a redirect to a non-existing page. These again should not be deleted by regular users, especially when created by an Admin. Create the missing page or, if the redirect has not been set up by the Admin, suggest it for deletion.
A WikiRaider Administrator who has been entrusted with promoting users to sysops. In our case tombraidergirl and Wile E. Coyote.


A category is a collection of pages automatically formed by the WikiRaider servers by analysing category tags in articles. Category tags are in the form [[Category:Baddies]]. The part after the ":" is the name of the Category. A list of all categories can be found at Special:Categories.


Define in the context of WikiRaider addresses articles that need to be redefined. These are generally articles found under a wrong or confusing title. (e.g. the article Electric Generator describes a trap/obstacle in the Thames Wharf level, where the term Electric Generator could also stand for the generator powering the electric fence in Nevada, the box that electrifies the bridge at the end of the London section where Sophia dies; and there are many more possibilities.) A list of articles that need to be redefined can be found at:. Please note that regular users (non Admins) do not have the authority to delete the {{define}}-note from an article!
Double redirect
A double redirect is a redirect which leads to another redirect. Alas this does not work and one gets stuck on the other page. Double redirects are generated when moving a page which has redirects leading to it. (Due to this no one besides the Administrator should move pages, normal users should suggest articles for relocation.


The history (also page history) lists all previous versions of an article, from its creation to its current state.


The infobox is a consistently formatted table which is present in articles with a common subject. You can find examples of existing info boxes in WikiRaider:Samples. They may not be modified without discussing it first. Modification of infoboxes is reserved to Moderators or Administrators. The same goes for new infoboxes, these need to be discussed at: WikiRaider:Sample Suggestions.


Keywords have special significance. In this context keywords are those that have a meaning within the Tomb Raider Universe. (Examples: Artifact, Location, PlayStation, Werner von Croy...) When writing a text keywords should start with a capital letter and should be an internal link (e.g. [[Lara Croft]]).


N/A often stands for not available. In some cases it represents information that has not been obtained yet, in others this information simply does not exist. (e.g. Number of Secrets in The Angel of Darkness).


Random page
The Random page link will take you to a randomly picked WikiRaider article.
Recent changes
The Recent changes page lists all edits in descending chronological order. Recent changes are checked regularly by the Administration to catch vandalism as early as possible.
A redirect is a page title which, when requested, merely sends the reader to another page. This is used for synonyms.
Rollback means to change a page back to the version before the last edit. The rollback option available to Sysops will do this more easily.


The term Sample is used for scaffoldings (infoboxes and other information asked) of certain article types. You can find all samples here: WikiRaider:Samples. These samples are approved and may serve when creating a new or expanding an existing article of a certain type (e.g. Enemy articles, Comic Issue articles...) When you want to suggest a new sample, do so on either the discussion page of the corresponding sample, or - especially when you want to propose infobox changes - go to WikiRaider:Sample Suggestions.
Spam is a nickname for unwanted electronic messages (like emails or postings). It generally contains advertisement for medication or porn and should be deleted right away.
The word stud describes very short articles that need adding. These articles are listed at: Category:Stubs. To mark an article as stub simply add the template {{more}} to the source of the page.


On WikiPedia it is described as: "Personal stress or tension induced by editing Wikipedia, or more often by being involved in minor conflict with another editor." I would add "or major conflict with the MediaWiki software".